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ION 12

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The highest performing, most user friendly and most reliable lightweight tech binding you could ask for. Power up, then charge the descent. Read More
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The most intuitive, reliable and powerful lightweight touring binding. Period.

Since its rookie season G3's ION alpine touring binding has collected 3+ prestigious Editor's choice awards each season and spawned a whole series of lightweight tech bindings including the ION 10 and lighter ION LT 12. Coveted by skiers around the globe, the ION's feature set and performance has earned a loyal following from seasoned mountain guides to resort freeriders looking to go deeper beyond the boundary lines. Easy, confident step-in sets the tone of the day so you can put your gear in the back of your mind and focus on what really matters - your ski objective. Forward pressure and optimal energy absorption provide a smooth, reliable ride that aggressive skiers have been begging for in the backcountry. 

Simply put, it’s the highest performing, most user friendly and most reliable lightweight tech binding you could ask for. Power up, then charge the descent.

ION - Mounting and Installation Instructions

ION - User Instructions


  • Optimal Energy Absorption = Maximized energy absorption. Minimized pre-releases.
  • Forward Pressure = Maintains consistent release values in landings and compressions.
  • Step-In Guidance = Quick, easy & consistent step-in.
  • QuickFlick Heel Lifts = Easy to grab with pole or hand.
  • User Friendly Heel Rotation = Turn heel in either direction to lock for touring with either hand.
  • Single Tool = Pozi Drive #3 for all mounts and adjustments. No heel spacer needed.
  • Snow Clearing Channel = Prevents snow buildup, avoids unwanted pre-releases.
  • Powerful, Dependable Brake = Fully retracting spring-loaded brake. Reassuring step-in.
  • Heel AFD = Consistent release for all boots, independent of sole type.



Brake Options: 85, 100, 115, 130 mm

Weight (single)

585 g / 1 lb 4.6 oz

Din Setting

5 - 12

Best Snow Clearance

Snow clearing channels below the toe jaws just made your ski day way smoother and safer.

Step In With Confidence

Boot stop locates your boot at correct place for quick, easy and consistent step-in.

“Rock solid, confidence inspiring. Time to open it up.”

Chad Sayers

Chad Sayers opening it up on the Jumbo Glacier, BC, Canada.
Steve Ogle

“Light enough to go deep, strong enough to give'er.”

John Wells

John Wells making the most of Whistler's backcountry.
Jamie Bond

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